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Why hire a Life Coach?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

This is a great question.  There are many reasons to hire a Life Coach, but first, let's unpack why coaches are needed in life.

Many areas of life can be enriched through coaching, and many different people have coaches. For instance, athletes, artists, executives and business professionals in all walks of life have coaches.

Why is this?  Well, because people sometimes need a trained individual to advise and guide them on how to do, get and be what they want. Someone who will pose tough questions, help you to uncover your roadblocks and persevere in spite of them.

Coaches are there to see you succeed, to see you triumph and to see you prevail.  

In society, we are constantly faced with decisions and sometimes have difficulty knowing what is the right one for us. Life Coaching helps you to explore your options, which you bring to the table, and find the best solutions which you devise. But that’s not it, coaching helps to hold you accountable to yourself and it helps to motivate you.  

It is through a Life Coach's specialized knowledge and skill that new ways of thinking emerge and brighter futures are seen.   

Life Coaching gives you the tools to help build the life you want and deserve. However, nothing comes without commitment to the process and dedication to self. You still have to do the work and put in the effort - this is your future, not your coach's.  

There are many prominent individuals that have had Life Coaching, prominent being the operative word. But they didn’t start off that way. They started off with a dream and grew that dream into reality.  

So why hire a Life Coach, I say why not?

Miranda Marschalk,

Psychotherapist & CLC

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