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Transform yourself, transform your life.

Try for a minute to stretch the limits of your mental confines, challenge your wealth of spirit, and engage your abilities to achieve!

Here’s a little activity for you, try to answer each of the following questions for each stage of your life in the near future. Think about what life looks like for you in 3 months, 1 year, and 5 years. Are you still working in the same position? Are you taking care of your Mental and Physical health and how? Are you in a relationship and how serious is it? Have you started a family, do you have kids or are you starting the empty nest phase of life?

Now, which answers caused you to be happy and which cause you to be concerned and why?

After answering these questions maybe you feel the need to transform your life. How can you hold on to what you love and build skills to achieve your goals, all while shedding what you don’t find meaningful or productive?

One way is to share your story with someone else. Get their point of view and see if you might have a new outlook on life. Another way is to consult with a good self-help book. Take what you can from it and implement some positive skills. When we look from within, there is a lot to be learned!

It takes time to transform your life. It takes discipline and commitment. It takes support from loved ones and friends who believe in us, and it takes guts.

Do you have what it takes to make the most of your life, to live every day with purpose and fulfillment? Answering the questions above is the first step. Pay close attention to your answers, if you are not in sync with any part of your life, it becomes much harder to achieve your goals.

Be very honest with yourself, because you and you alone are the one person that can make your life into the dream life you want and deserve. It will take some hard work and you will have to make some hard choices, but remember that it is for the greater good of being you, being free, and being comfortable with the life you live.

Stay safe & Happy hunting :)

Miranda Marschalk,

Psychotherapist & CLC


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