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To Do Lists: do they really make a difference?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

For me To Do Lists play an important role in my day to day and professional life; they help keep me on track and alert me to complications and conflicts. They can help us to achieve our goals and stick to them. They help us stay disciplined and show us there’s an end in sight.

One of the first steps in Life Coaching is examining yourself, where you want to be and how you will get there. One great tool is to keep a “To Do List”.

What should this list contain? Well, it depends. I have a list for both short term goals and long term goals, and the long term goals eventually make their way into an Action Plan.

To Do Lists can be made up of what others may think are mundane tasks, but every task no matter how big or small makes a difference by contributing to the bigger picture or goal if you will.

I block off time for meditation, journaling, yoga, making lunches, getting ready for work and much more. It shows me my day at a glance. When utilizing To Do Lists to your advantage, you can become a well-oiled, unstoppable force, and will be able to make time to achieve your goals.

Life Coaching involves participation and homework, and this needs to be accounted for in your daily activities as well. If you miss this step, you won’t be able to reliably stick with the necessary changes that need to occur to achieve your goals.

Remember, in any relationship, you come first. This doesn’t mean you can be disrespectful and inconsiderate of others, it means you need to make time for your needs and wants. If you don’t nourish yourself first, it’s much harder to nourish the rest of the relationships and goals in your life.

To Do Lists make a difference by helping us to see what is meaningful in our day, what needs attention and what takes priority. Like physical activity, intimacy, and self-love, they help us to prioritize our needs and wants.

Yes, To Do Lists may also contain some boring and even draining tasks, but ultimately, they make us more organized and more capable of meeting the challenges of life. They help us build the road map to our greatest desires, starting with the baby steps. They keep us accountable and honest.

Honest you say? Yes honest. We can very clearly see what we gave priority to and what we didn’t. What we accomplished and what we didn’t. They help us manage our time and respect the time of others while we're at it.

In short. I love To Do Lists, and yes they really do make a difference.

So bring em’ on!

Miranda Marschalk,

Psychotherapist & CLC

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