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Personal Growth Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

What constitutes personal growth? There’s no cut and dry answer to this question because personal growth comes in all shapes and sizes. There are many areas of one’s life that can benefit from personal growth. You may start to make spiritual, emotional, mental or physical changes in your life, and sometimes these changes don’t come easy. Personal growth often requires deep self-discovery with regard to your values, morals, beliefs and stigmas, and sometimes that process can feel complicated.

Often changes can be short-lived as a result of the level of discipline needed to achieve results. It helps to prepare oneself by reading about others that have made similar changes. While everyone has a different path, we can learn from other’s experiences and challenges they may have encountered and overcome.

It’s very important to remember to be realistic in your effort to make change. Give yourself the ability to fall off the horse, and get back up and try again. Have the patience to make changes to the activities you undertake, to achieve change, and to move your goal date as needed.

When working on personal growth it’s also a good idea not to allow yourself to be swayed by naysayers. Everyone will always have an opinion about how you should live your life, and only you have the control to block the background noise out. Only you know what’s right for you. So don’t make excuses for other’s opinions and stay true to you.

Some things to consider when approaching personal growth; get to know who you are right now, get to know who you are when interacting with your friends, co-workers, family, and partner. Get to really know your likes, dislikes, and non-negotiables.

Your personal growth is always evolving, but it doesn’t have to be complicated or scary. So much of personal growth has to do with how we see ourselves now and who we see ourselves becoming.

Most importantly, give yourself time to learn, learn and learn more about yourself.

Miranda Marschalk,

Psychotherapist & CLC


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