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Inspirational Reading

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

It wasn’t until I started on my own personal life journey that I actually took up reading. I never really enjoyed it. Often it took me hours to get through one chapter and the storylines never really caught my attention. That is until I was exposed to Daniel Steel - her books took me to foreign lands and far away times, it also didn’t hurt that there was a love story intertwined in the mix. But that interest quickly faded too.

So what did finally inspire me to read? Jen Sincero! She is the best selling author of the “You are a Badass” book series. No, I’m not going to give you an overview of the book, just go out and buy it. It’s one of the best things you can do for your Life Coaching journey.

I think what initially grabbed my attention was her style of writing.  Once you get through the first chapter her humour really begins to shine. I couldn’t put the book down! So I went to the library and borrowed the audiobook to listen to in the car. I was addicted to it. I’ve read it cover to cover several times and listened to it at least three times.  "You are a Badass" got me to take a good hard look at myself, my life and my dreams. Which, lead me to fulfill those dreams, changing my life by working on myself. 

So, why am I focusing so much on this book? Because for me it started it all. My love affair with reading - I needed more. I delved deeper and deeper into self-improvement, and, became more and more aware of my strengths and areas of myself that needed improvement. I mean, no one is perfect and can always improve on who they are today.

After that, I took a leap and went back to school and never looked back. The knowledge I gained through reading inspirational books has opened a whole new world for me and a whole new world of possibilities.  

I am telling you all of this because reading self-help books can be an awesome addition to investing in Life Coaching.  

You don’t know what you don’t know until you know you don’t know it.

Happy reading!

Miranda Marschalk,

Psychotherapist & CLC


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