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Food and Your Mood

It’s no secret that food has a direct impact on one’s mood.  Turkey makes us feel sluggish, sugar initially gives us a high as does caffeine, and healthy foods, ones that are not processed, give us long-lasting energy and help contribute to a positive mindset.

So can food heal issues like depression or anxiety?  There is some controversy about this, but they can definitely contribute a positive effect on these diagnoses.  

While some foods like garlic and omega 3 help with circulation and heart health, sugar and fats can have a negative effect on mood.  What helps for the mind?  There are many studies done on just this topic, and you could spend hours on the internet researching it.  What’s important to note here is that sticking to foods in their natural form (meaning non-processed) is best.  Stay away from pre-made foods such as pies, burgers, or sweetened yogurt.

Instead,  try making a pie from scratch, whipping up a batch of homemade patties and choosing plain yogurt and adding berries, granola, and honey to liven it up. By making foods from scratch at home, you can regulate what goes into them, such as how much sugar you might use.

Now, this does not mean you have to become a vegetarian, vegan, or put yourself on a raw food diet.  Just try to avoid foods that are high in sugar, fats, and salt. Remember to take any necessary daily vitamins and minerals. Also, what goes hand in hand with good eating is exercise. This will help circulate oxygen and promote mood-boosting endorphins, helping to uplift your spirit and put some pep in your step.

Stay safe & enjoy the journey!

Miranda Marschalk,

Psychotherapist & CLC

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