Get the Most out of Life

This is a targeted session to deal with a specific issue you want to gain more understanding over and make a plan to address.  It could be Career or Relationship oriented.  It is more than a discovery session.  You will work on strategies that deliver results and unleash your possibilities.

Cost $200 + HST


What is included:

  •  One hour of work, work, work

  • Initial power work, getting to know you 

  • Discovering what you want to accomplish in this session

  • Uncovering road blocks with session exercises

  • Goal setting (weeding out the fluff)

  • Exercise on how to create an Action Plan

Wheat Field
Inspired Businesswoman


Guidance & Inspiration

This dynamic 5 session package aims to put you on the path to success.  You will learn how to identify issues that are holding you back from achieving your goals and how to overcome them.  You will be able to work on 1 or 2 goals that need immediate attention.


$850 + HST

What is included:

  • All of the above +

  • Weekly email check-ins

  • Getting Pumped about the Future through a Self-Discovery (a self-discovery what?)

  • Clarifying what you want out of  life and where you want to be

  • Weekly focused exercises to keep you Pumped and On Track

  • Development of and weekly review of Action Plan and revisions as needed for 1 to 2 goals

  • Open discussion, communication is the Key


Embrace Life’s Challenges

This Grand Slam 12 session package puts you in the driver seat of your Brilliant Future!  You will chart out a road map for your life using proven strategies that enable you to be successful. You are not limited to one area of your life.  You can take them all on with this package!

$2000 + HST


What is included

  • All of the above +

  • Personality Testing

  • Five to Seven goal Action Plan

  • Weekly assignments to help you achieve your goals

  • Vision Statement: what  your future looks like

  • Creation of your Mission Statement

  • How to maintain your success